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"Jack's First Day" wins the August Gymbo Buzz Contest!

It was a very close race that came down to a photo finish and "Jack's First Day and Learning Circles" won our Gymbo Buzz contest!  Gymboree Play & Music is very happy to congratulate Jack and his family and also thank all of the contestants that submitted awesome stories and adorable pictures!  Gymbo hugs to all!

First Gymboree Experience

My daughter had her first trial class today. it was the music class.She absolutely loved it,and her teacher was awesome ! The only problem I forsee is when it is time to leave.I will just needd tips for that.She has been crying the rest of theday, that she misses her friends. i am glad I chose Gymboree over the other options I was considering.We will start next week.

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
First Name: Keisha
Last Name: Primm
Email: keishaprimm@yahoo.com
City: Hoover
State: Alabama

A family affair

Gymboree made my son the outgoing, funny,( excited about cleaning) social boy that he is today. When I was the first of my friends to have a baby, a boy named Rhys, my mom suggested I go to gymboree. I never knew he'd make lifelong friends. A well as get an auxiliary grandparent in Toni-Ann. He started at 3 months old and went through 15 months. After we stopped going( for personal reasons) he never stopped talking about it. I always felt it really developed him into the sweet boy he is. After having my daughter in July I knew right away that I needed to bring her as well. I wanted her to have that experience and honestly I wanted to have it again too. So now, sometimes its mommy and ellery time, but on the best days Rhys gets to come along and show his baby sister how to do everything, I love watching him teach her and her looking to him for how to explore,share and clean up. It's even great for some daddy and daughter bonding time when daddy can join us. Gymboree graves me friends, my son friends and Toni-Ann makes us smile even on my hardest days. I know no matter what gymboree is there for me and my kids and can turn the greyest day into sure sunshine.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
First Name: Ariana
Last Name: Fort
Email: Ariana.shulman@gmail.com
City: Three bridges,
State: New Jersey

Gymboree Play & Music in Cranston, RI was a new beginning...

Gymboree has been very special to me and my son.  I remember the 1st day when he joined how he was and what he is now.It has completely changed him by making him more confident,out going,well mannered,active participant & friendly.My son looks forward going to his class every time. The best part I like is as soon as I open his shoes he is ready to go on the floor. First and the last thing he grabs is his love for the balls,his favorite...:) Teachers I have met are the best till now. They keep in mind that each n every child takes part actively. The whole ambience becomes very friendly. It feels like a family tree where people coming from all walks of life and playing together. Without any doubt, I would recommend,Gymboree is the best destination for the growth of a child.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Cranston
State: Rhode Island

Mallory Joy and her BUBBLES!

Bubbles. I can sum up my daughter's favorite part of any GGymboreeymboree class with that one simple word. The shear thrill of all those teeny tiny bubbles blowing around the room during a music class or her shrill full delight as they fall around her makes me smile every time. She loves them. Sure, my daughter claps with the music, climbs the gym equipment, and interacts with the other kids in the classes and during free play. But time stops and she's in her own other world when those little bubbles are blown and start to fill the air. She bounces. She chases. She reaches out for them. She smiles. And she says, "BUBBLES!" It's such a good feeling to see her so happy and for such a simple thing. We now take bubbles to the park. We have a bubble wand that we use around the house. She tries, desperately, to blow bubbles with the little wand that comes with the package (and occasionally she is successful, too!). How such a basic thing as bubbles is part of the excitement she enjoys during Gymboree classes makes us so happy. As we left class a few weeks ago, having purchased the bubble kit before we left, we blew bubbles in the car towards the backseat on the way home. She loved it. We could hear her giggle. We saw in her seat mirror her hands go up and out to grab them. Bubbles.

Class Type: Music
City: Allen
State: Texas


New Beginnings

I attended a trial class with my then 3 month old daughter Reagan. To my surprise she was very much so engaged into many activities. I saw her smile for the first time in this class when the instructor blew bubbles in her direction. I knew at that moment we would become members of Gymboree.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Lithoinia
State: Georgia

First Love

I take my daughter Solara to the Play & Learn class. For the first while she waGymboree Play & Musics very reserved and didn't really get into the songs or activities. All of a sudden one class it all changed. She was in LOVE Gymbo and was always trying to crawl all over him during the songs. She was smiling and getting involved in everything! It was such a great feeling to see her finally open up. Thanks Gymboree!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Calgary
State: Canada


Max at Gymboree

Max just recently turned 2 and did not start walking until 19 months. HGymboree Play & Musice has been going to Gymboree now for 3 months. He has learned to climb and balance. Also has learned to run and go up & down the slide. He has learned so much since he's been going to Gymboree. Max now is able to put objects in and away instead of always wanting to take them out. He feels more confortable around other children and just absolutely loves the paracute and bubble time. He adores the teachers at Gymboree. Some times I think he has already figured out how to be the teachers pet. Well, this is my son's story and would just like to thank Gymboree for having a great and safe place for children to go to have fun and learn.

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico


Happy Happy Joy Joy

I took my daughter (20mo) to a birthday party at Gymboree and she ended up having so much fun I had to practically drag her out. We are planning her birthday party there in August. I'm sure she can't wait and neither can I.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware

Gymboree Day

Gymboree dayMy daughter started attending Gymboree classes when she was 10 months old from the Music class, then moved to Play & Learn 3 and now she is in Play & Learn 4. Every Thursday I would wake her up and let her know that it is her Gymboree day and would start smiling and be excited. Her Gymboree classes played a big role in helping her develop her skills fast. My daughter is very independent, knows how to listen and understands most of the things i ask her to do. She knows how to play with other kids and knows how to share toys. I myself enjoys attending her gymboree classes because I gained friends and learned things from other parents. I highly recommend Gymboree Play & Music to other parents out there.




Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland

Saturdays with Gymbo the Clown

Camila is now 9 months old. She started to go tGymboree Play & Musico Gymboree, on Saturdays, when she was 6 months. That day she meet her best friends including "Gymbo the Clown". Thanks to Gymboree, my daughter learned to crawl, clap, socialize, develop self-confidence and improve her motor skills. The best part of Gymboree is when I see how Camila's face lights up when she sees her teacher Heather and also when Gymbo the Clown comes out to play. Gymboree is also a stress reliever for new moms, like me, who take the opportunity to share funny stories and tips about life with our little ones

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Princeton
State: New Jersey


My 1st birthday!

As a gift from my friend Lydia my mommy and I goGymboree Play & Musict to play at Gymboree! I loved every minute of it!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Spring City
State: Pennsylvania


"My first friend"

We thought it would be a gGymboree Play & Musicood idea to enroll our baby boy, Cash, into a Gymboree class so he could learn to socialize with other children his age. It didn't take long for him to make friends with Sawyer. They are now the best of friends that look forward to seeing each other once a week. Even though they can't verbally express their feelings yet, we can see the excitement within their tiny little bodies each time we pull into the Gymboree parking lot. They're the best of friends and love to play together at Gymboree.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Santa Ana
State: California


Breaking Out

My daughter, Hadley, has always beeGymboree Play & Musicn fairly timid. Whenever I took her out of her comfort zone and to a play group or other fun activity, she would spend the majority of the time clutching onto me. That all changed on our first visit to Gymboree! I was afraid that she would not leave my side the entire time, but as soon as we stepped into the room, she took off and started to play! I was amazed! She loved climbing up the ramps and sliding down the slides. And she was AMAZED by the parachute and bubbles! We signed up for Play & Learn classes that day and have been going every week since. I've noticed a difference in her other activities as well and she is much more outgoing. I think that Gymboree has played a big part in that. Thank you!

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Sycamore
State: Illinois


Meaningful Memories

As a former elementary school teacher I understoGymboree Play & Musicod how the development of children is extremely important. When I had my son, my degree of understanding changed. Here I was this new mom, thinking I had all this teaching experience and I said “I got this”. I was wrong. I took home this little person from the hospital and realized how much I had to learn. I needed help learning how to play with my own baby. I only knew so many nursery rhymes. This was a humbling experience. I showed up at Gymboree and the instructor starting singing right away. I loved every minute of it just as much as my son did. With Gymboree Play & Music I had a place to go play with my son and the support of experienced instructors. I went home with bubbles and shakers. My husband and I played “Parachute” with blankets. I watched with a swelled heart as my son met all his milestones and developed into this amazing, happy little person. Gymboree gave me exactly what I needed, a community of moms, fabulous instructors and the confidence to know that I am doing a wonderful job with my son. Having a baby changes everything, Gymboree has given me the support, information and assurance that all parents need. My son, Colin, is about to have his first birthday and I’m proud mom of a social and happy little boy. Thank you Gymboree for giving my son and I memorable and meaningful experiences!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Oviedo
State: Florida


Meeting Friends

My son is an only child, and the only baby in two very large families. We are the only couple in our circle of friends that has a child as well. So all of that makes it hard to find other children for our son to interact with. We decided to enroll him in Gymboree to give him a chance to interact with other children and meet new friends. The first couple of times he was scared and didn't know what to expect of the other children. He's now been enrolled for three months and we've enjoyed getting to see his personality come through and see how he intereacts with the other babies. Thanks Gymboree for showing our son how easy it is to make new friends!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Edgewater
State: Maryland


Potty Trained For Class

After a year of trying to potty train our 2 yrsGymboree Play & Music old she finally was encourage when she saw a School Skills class taking place. She wanted to be in this class so bad and would constantly ask if she could please go to the big kid's class. We explained that she was almost 3 BUT she needed to go to the potty for this class. From that point on she was motivated to get potty trained. She was fully potty trained in 1 week and on her 3rd Birthday she went to her first School Skills class. She was so proud of herself and was so excited that she was finally part of the big kids class.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Eastvale
State: California


Our daughter's found a life-long friend

Words can’t begin to describe how much we’ve enjoyed watchingGymboree Play & Music our daughter grow-up through the various Gymboree programs. We started Ali in the level 2 class when she was 6 months old. She is now almost 3 and there’s not a week that goes by that she doesn’t ask to go to Gymboree! At first, we thought joining would be a great way to meet other parents with kids the same age. Little did we know that this precious, tiny being, who was barely able to move, would gain so much confidence and independence in just a few short months. We noticed Ali’s eye/hand coordination becoming stronger, and the teachers will tell you she’s no stranger to taking risks. Ali’s got the energy and spunk of a 6 year old, and she’s just shy of 3! More importantly, our daughter has met another wonderful little girl, and the two have become inseparable. It’s pretty amazing that at such a young age they have the ability to relate so well to another person. I know that these two young ladies will remain good friends for years to come. We can't say enough good things about these Gymboree classes and we thank you for offering so many important skills these kids will be able to carry with them through life. And for the parents out there reading these entries, if you have any doubts about enrolling your own child, don’t think twice about it. You, too, will soon see the positive way Gymboree classes change your little one.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Annapolis
State: Maryland

Sharing Gymbo

We started going to Gymboree to enjoy some quaGymboree Play & Musiclity time with our 17 month old daughter since we both work and she goes to daycare during the week. She loves the chance to run around and try new things. Grandma lives about 6 hours away and loves to see and hear about what we are doing at Gymboree. After about 6 weeks of attending, we saw Grandma one weekend. She asked what we had done in Gymboree that morning and my daughter lifted her dress and showed off her Gymbo stamp on her belly and pointed to both of her feet where she also had Gymbo stamps. She then danced around and jumped up and down to show off what she had done at Gymboree. Thank you for giving our daughter the confidence to try new things in a safe and fun environment!

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Cypress
State: Texas


Easter parade

My daughter faith was all dressed up for Easter and I Gymboreetook her to the parade and the star ledger thought she was so cute the put her picture in the paper

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Wall
State: New Jersey


I'm a climber!

So, this is the first time on a free preview day I brought along my Gymboree11 month old, Sarah, to Gymboree! She absolutely loved it! Suddenly after having so much fun ....it was parachute time! Sarah looked at me so nervously to why she has to sit there alone but when all the adults stood up to swing the kids round and round , Sarah looked at me. She looked at me and I never seen her smile so big and then she let out a loud chuckle. As we spun the parachute she tried climbing the parachute up to me and the entire room was smiling and laughing...and you know what... she did climb up to me and kissed my cheek for the 1st time . What a climber!

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Corona
State: California


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