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Play & Music, Play ClassesIn anyone's life's, the first biggest milestone is taking a step ahead. And that's exactly what happened with my baby!! We started going to Gymboree Play & Music when he's 13 months old and really was worried that he wasn't taking a firm step towards walking... We're waiting every now and then for him to start walking and was wishing that may be today is the day..yea..still were waiting .. Oh and when we'd started Gymboree Play & Music, I never really thought but just after first week,yay!! The big day arrived and my baby took his first loong step :) I smiled, well actually screamed and almost astonished to see him walking on his own for 1..2..3..continuous minutes!! Thus Gymboree won us then and uptil today for everything - The playtime, the atmosphere, the teachers as his first "miss", the new friends we made and the sweet sugar bubbles!! Gymboree Play & Music rocks!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Orlando
State: Florida


Comments for A BIG STEP!!

Name: Kalpana Kirtane
Time: Saturday, July 28, 2012

I miss those moments that I experienced few years ago. Enjoyyour turn.

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