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A Lifesaver when Moving!

We recently moved half-way across the U.S. with our 2 year old and 1 month old. New schools, new neighbors, and new routines proved to be overwhelming for everyone! We were grateful to find another Gymboree Play & Music in Nashville. For our 2 year old, it provided consistency (and stability!) since all gyms look the same and have similar curriculums. She jumped right in singing the songs that she had learned up north and, of course, was thrilled to see Gymbo in her new hometown. As a parent, Gymboree also connected me to other parents at a similar life-stage, some of which have become very close friends and neighbors of ours! In addition, I am always impressed with the staff; I am amazed at how they always remember your name and form quick and strong relationships with the kids in their classes. WITHOUT HESITATION, I would recommend Gymboree (AND ESPECIALLY OUR NEW NASHVILLE LOCATION!) to anyone who has recently moved and is looking to form quick and lasting relationships in their new cities. It has been a HUGE help in helping us adjust to our new life. Thank you Gymboree Play & Music and specifically Nashville Team!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee

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