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Adit crawls at Gymbo !!!!!

My baby boy, Adit is 10 months now... We enrolled him into the Play and Learn Level 2 class and saw him blossoming socially so well that we never ever though of discontinuing Gymbo although we have been on a budget lately....so anyways, both me and Adit have been watching other babies crawl and move all over the place with no efforts. am sure he felt like being one of them when he used to look at them in wonder..and on the 24th of this month, we went to the class like any other day... and just like any day, when other mums would ask me, "does he crawl yet", I would just say "No... not yet.. maybe soon".... and to my surprise, that day, i suddenly saw him crawl ad grab my keys.. !! and ever since, there has been no stopping him!! I'm grateful to Gymboree Play & Music and Miss Liz of Metuchen, NJ for being so patient with him all through!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Edison
State: New Jersey

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