Air Log Imagination

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My twin boys, Max and Ben have been attending Gymboree since they were 18 months. I never realized how much they enjoyed Gymboree until one morning I woke up to hear Ben shouting "sssshhhh" to Max. My husband and I were very confused and decided to take a peek into their room. Max and Ben were dancing in their cribs and then Ben would decide when to "freeze" and hold his finger to his lips and say "ssshhh" (just like Miss Colleen) and he and Max would stop dancing. A few days later they initiated another "Air Log Freeze" game using a puddle in our driveway. Gymboree has definitely helped with their creativity and imagination. Their favorite part of class however...belly Gymbo stamps!

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: Duryea
State: Pennsylvania

The signature activities that are a special part of our classes are designed to support your child's development as well as be fun.  It is not surprising that children will do these activities at home because they are the perfect activity for their development.  Twins are welcome at any age appropriate class and with our sibling discounts, it makes it a great time for adults and children.  Come to Gymboree Play & Music the best early childhood learning center!

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