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...And Gymbo was his name-o

Inara and I started Gymboree play classes when she was jInfant Play, Infant Stimulation, Infants Classes, Infant Play Group, Infant Gymnastics, Mom Groups, Mommy Classes, Play & Learn 1ust 8 weeks old. On our first day, she couldn't stop staring at our instructor, Ms. Andrea! Despite all the cute little hand gestures and noises I made, she would not tear her eyes away from the teacher. After observing her intently for several minutes, I realized it wasn't Ms. Andrea she was staring at - but Gymbo! Once I figured that out, we always sat exactly opposite of our teacher so Inara would pay attention to me! Her second-favorite time in class now is Gymbo's goodbye song...her first is the parachute! Gymbo taught me to observe my child closely and really pay attention to what she loves and finds interesting; it's something that's served me well since then!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Lakeside
State: California


Comments for ...And Gymbo was his name-o

Name: Jenn N
Time: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She looks so cute! Glad she isn't afraid of clowns!:)..

Name: carrie chambers
Time: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

cutest baby ever! and so sweet! :)

Name: Laura
Time: Monday, July 30, 2012

She looks adorable!

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