Andrew's first steps!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

We started Gymboree Play & Music during the summer of 2010 when my son was 10 months old. I am a teacher so I didn't join until the summer to take advantage of the classes. Towards the end of the summer it was almost his birthday. He was crawling all summer and cruising around easily, he was yet to take his first step. we were in music class with Miss Vicki and she was singing a song about a frog. She was using a wooden toy that made a croaking noise, he loved it and squealed with delight. He was determined to get that toy and crawling wouldn't do it. He steadied himself with my hands, and was himself! He took about 5 steps and was rewarded by Miss Vicki with the toy and a hug! I even remember he was wearing a red, white and blue striped outfit. It definitely made Gymboree a memorable experience!

Class Type: Music
City: Staten Island
State: New York

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