Baby on the Move!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

When I first started taking my daughter to Gymboree PlaGymboree Play & Musicy & Music Class, she was 8 months old and was not crawling at the time. I would sit home with her everyday and try and get her to crawl and she would just sit there and look at me. When I first took my daughter to play class, I was a little discouraged because all the other children in her level were already mobile and she couldn't do some of the activities no matter how hard I tried with her. The teacher kept informing me that she would crawl when she was ready. I also noticed immediately that she was infatuated with gymbo during the activities, and really loved the music and bubble time. Well after two classes I could see she was getting frustrated by not being able to chase the other kids or keep up with them. Two days before our third class she just up and started crawling!! So when we brought her to her class she immediately started going after another little boy. I was amazed and so was her father. Now since then she is so fast it's hard to keep up with her. She has also started cruising and is showing more upper body strength. She now loves to go through the tunnels and up the ramps at class. I honestly believe that Gymboree Play & Music encouraged and prompted my daughter to start moving and get involved with other children. One of the other things I love about class, is we know all of the songs and we sing them at home. Our daughter loves them!! I just want to thank your program so much and please keep up the good work :0)

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Swoyersville
State: Pennsylvania


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