bitter,sweet milestone memories

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My son Shawn started Gymboree Music classes around two years old. Prior to music, he was Dx. with hypotonia which caused him to have milestone delays. He was receiving many services. One service was speech. His early intervention teacher encouraged me to enroll him in music class to help his speech along. He loved it but latched on for dear life. Still lagging behind the other kids, he continued taking the class with stride, with his eyes and ears wide opened for learning. Today, Shawn is 3 y.o. He attends Art classes for one hr. weekly. One particular teacher said that she never saw anyone make such progress. He interacts, with his friend Sadie along with many others. He loves Ms. Joan , listens attentively, completes his lesson and shares with others. He learned that it is okay to have fun without having separation anxiety. I am so proud of him for his milestones and accomplishments. He loves all activities, especially bubble blowing and lessons in which the project involves food. lol Thank you gymboree.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Warrington
State: Pennsylvania

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