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Bringing Gymboree Fun to Asia!

Gymboree Family, Family Classes, Play Classes, Kids Classes, Classes for Kids, Baby Classes, Toddler ClassesMy 2 and 4 year old are Gymboree kids through and through. We love everything that Gymboree offers, from its Play & Music classes, its great teachers, and its overall Gymboree network of clothing, toys, education, and experience. Here is my fun Gymboree story I'd like to share. Due to work, I had to travel to Taipei, Taiwan for 6 months this past year. My entire family accompanied me for the adventure. While in Taipei, my children were enrolled in a local preschool/kindergarten. On one special school day, each student was asked to perform a little skit for everyone. Using our collective Gymboree Play & Music experience, my kids performed the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song and none other than the famous, "Gymbo the Clown" puppet sing-along song! Well, the response from the students, their parents, and even from the school administration, was absolutely overwhelming! Everyone loved both performances and immediately started asking us where we learned such "cute", "adorable," and "fun" skits. Natually, we happily shared with everyone that Gymboree Play & Music provided our kids the background and guidance. I won't have to tell you that all the parents immediately sought out the nearest Gymboree in Taipei! That's my fun Gymboree story. Hope everyone enjoyed.

Class Type: Family Classes
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State: California


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