Bubbles and kids

Friday, April 19, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Our 2 year old daughter Nina isn't a morning person bGymboreey any means. When we first started taking her to Gymboree classes it was a fight getting her out of bed. But just after a few classes she started to catch on that it was going to be a regular thing. She absolutely loves playing with bubbles and all the kids in her class, and she will randomly ask about bubbles and kids. "Mommy?" Yes Nina? "Bubbles and kids?" We are going tomorrow Nina and you can play with the kids. She is still not the easiest child to get up in the morning, but as soon as I ask her if she wants to play with the bubbles and kids she springs right out of her bed and is quite eager to get dressed.

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware


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