Bubbles in the Air

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I started taking my daughter to Gymboree class when she was about 18Gymboree Play & Music months old. I heard from a friend how nice the play areas ( very colorful and safe) clean, no sick kids policy and of course how good and energetic the teachers are. Ever since that first day I brought my daughter, she's always excited to be there and play. Her social skills improved and now knows how to share her toys and have fun with other kids. She's also very attentive to the music and songs they sing. She loves the "lapty ride", air log freeze that we do that in the house with her tapping our center table and she would giggle because she remember it from the Gymboree class. But her most favorite part in the class is the bubble song, where they blow bubbles in the air then they have individual name bubble song for the kids.. (as you can see from the image) she just love the bubbles, I even bought my bubbles from Gymboree Play & Music and sings it to her everyday.. and blow bubbles in her face. I absolutely love taking my daughter to a place like this, because I know she will learn a lot and at the same time she will have so much fun. I recommend this to my friends and not too long ago I had 2 friends who signed up for the class for their daughters and they told me that they loved it too. I hope you guys continue to serve parents and kids through your classes and that way to help kids to grow smart, active and friendly.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada


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