Bubbles or Bust!

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My son crawled for the first time while at Gymboree Play & Music. We had just finished class, and there were some un-popped bubbles leftover on the play mat. I was standing with a dear friend talking about how I wasn’t sure if my little guy would ever crawl, that he might just go right to walking since he was ten months and preferred to stand now. As I am saying this, he got up on all fours. I fully expected that he would flop to his belly as usual, and protest in frustration as the bubbles remained just out of reach. However, this time was different…those bubbles were in his line of sight and he was determined to be the one who popped them. He moved his right knee, then his left arm, then the left knee and finally his right hand. He wasn’t flopping to his belly at all, he was moving forward! As I was watching this, my friend casually commented: “well, he seems to be crawling just fine at the moment.” To which I stammered: “Um, um, um, I should get my camera…I think he is actually crawling for the first time right NOW!” And he just took off crawling from that point on and never looked back. The boy wanted to get those bubbles and there was no stopping him. I did not get to my camera in time to capture the very first crawl, but I will always have that special memory from Gymboree Play & Learn classes. It is amazing what incentive a few bubbles can provide.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Palatine
State: Illinois

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