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Cranky baby

When we first started Gymbo our son was not a fan. We contemplated ending our time there because every week seemed to be painful to watch as he didn't participate and often stood aside watching all of the other children play. We continued on because we felt like it was good time for us to spend with him since we are both working patents. Andrew has been at Gymbo a year now, and he loves going! He dances and sings with the girls, he's made some wonderful friends that we spend time with outside of class, and we have made new friends with their families. We have love watching him cone out of his shell at Gymboree Play & Music and become a confident an fun loving toddler. Matter of fact, moments ago he was doing the "we want we want Gymbo" chant. Definitely a long ways since our cranky baby was shy and uninvolved. Thank you Gymbo!

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: Simi Valley
State: California

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