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Crawling for balls

I have been taking my 8.5 month old son to Gymboree Play & Learn 2 since just before his 6 month birthday. He has loved it from day one, especially the parachute, bubbles, and the balls - oh, the balls! As soon as they bring them out during the parent share portion, he gets so excited and carries one around for the remainder of the class. Just earlier this week, he was becoming frustrated that he couldn't get to something across the room. He could take about four little crawls, but didn't realize that if he kept it up he could reach his destination. We usually go to Gymboree two times a week. When we went on Tuesday, he again loved playing with the balls, but wouldn't crawl anywhere. Then on Wednesday, the very next day, he crawled across the playmat to get to the entire bucket of balls! Imagine his excitement that his actions took him to his all-time favorite toy. Now he won't stop crawling, and we have balls all over the house!

Class Type: Play & Learn 2 (6-10 months)
City: Dallas
State: Texas

Gymboree Play & Music in Dallas, Texas

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