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Daddy and I

Gymboree Play & Music classes have offered a lot toGymboree Play & Music my family. However, something I am truly grateful for it’s the opportunity to build bounding memories with my daughter. On a Sunday, my husband was available and decided to attend the class. He learned so many activities to do with our daughter. Up to that Sunday my husband did very minimum interaction with our daughter because he did not know what he could do. However, at the Play & Music class he learned so many fun infant activities to do with our daughter. He even decided to purchase bubble and a Gymbo puppet to use at home. My favorite part of this activity was the opportunity that I had to watch my husband and his daughter truly bond with one another. Watching all of the giggles and laughter from the two of them truly made my day. Nothing could compare to that moment.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Tampa
State: Florida


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