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Friday, August 26, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My little dude who is almost 15 months old had his firstGymboree is a wonderful interactive program. Parents and children will be delighted to spend time together building strong bonds that will last a lifetime. ever class at Gymboree Play and Music. I am a stay at home mom and my little one had been with me always. He had been walking since 9 months and had been pretty social. When I heard about Gymboree Play and Music I decided to have a look at how my little one reacts to it. Well to my surprise he has investigated most of it on the very first day. He doesn't wait for me to even wear my socks and is vanished to the play area in seconds. He had been making non stop interaction with all kids and had first ever learn how to go through a tunnel and play with bubbles (attached pics). He was going through separation anxiety phase and his enrollment in Gymboree helped him to somewhat get over it. He had been to the classes just for a week and am sure more visits will help him get more and more social and learn loads. Thanks Gymboree! Vivaan loves you :-))

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

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