Family Fun at Gymboree

Monday, July 23, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Play Classes, Gymboree Play & MusicWe have been attending Gymboree classes with my daughter for two years now. She absolutely adores her time at Gymboree Play & Music and her Gymboree teachers. I also enjoy our time at Gymboree because it is a special hour set aside just to focus on her and for her to have fun. In addition to all the memories we have created at Gymboree we have also celebrated many milestones achieved during a Gymboree class such as taking her very first steps! We are delighted to be back in Play & Learn 1 again with our new baby and are looking forward to all the milestones we will once again be experiencing for the first time with him. Gymboree has given us a wonderful way for our two-year-old to play with her four-month-old baby brother. Since she loves her Gymboree songs so much she will happily grab her Gymbo doll and sing him all the songs while he laughs and smiles along with her. Last week we had the privilege of taking my nephew to his very first Gymboree class with my son. The two boys loved every minute and had a wonderful time. It's going to be extra special this time as we navigate our way through the Gymboree levels because I will be doing it with my sister and her son too :)

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Calgary Canada


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