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First day @ gymboree play & music

I started taking my daughter to Gymboree Play & Music after hearing great stories from my friends about their positive experiences. So I enrolled my daughter as soon as she turned one. In my opinion, I made the best decision for her and me.  When my daughter Aditi first began Gymboree Play & Music she was a very shy girl & she was afraid of Gymbo and wouldn't hug him. After 2-3 classes she loves Gymbo.  She enjoys coming to Gymboree and feels comfortable around the staff. She has learned to climb, walk, run and mastered several other tasks with support from her instructor and me. I like how Gymboree allows the parent to be a part of the classroom. Gymboree has provided the perfect environment. My child's social, physical, emotional, motor and speech development. My daughter has loved the bubbles at the end of class.  Gymboree Play & Music has helped her to be more social and more confident, and for that, I am grateful.  Thank you so much!! :)

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia

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