First "Steps"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Maya was a little behind reaching Gymboree Milestones, Gymboree Moments, Gymboree Play & Music, Indoor Playground, Gym for Kids, Gym for Babies, Gym for Toddlersher physical milestones so after talking to her pediatrician about it we were sent to physical therapy. Our little munchkin loved the exercises and they really helped her to get stronger but something was missing. We needed her to practice climbing up stairs. Since we live in an apartment we had to go outside to practice it. The playground was our first choice but the bigger/faster kids made it difficult for us to practice her exercises properly. One day her PT suggested us to look into Gymboree Play & Music and that was the best advice we ever got. PT mentioned the free introductory class and we ran to the location closes to our home.
Maya loved that place from the day we entered through the glass doors for the first time. The music, the smiles and giggles that fill the room... it's contagious! She wanted to go every day! We enrolled her and started right away. The teachers were always so attentive to her needs, suggesting alternative activities for her when she was not able to perform what was proposed. The other moms were very supportive and the other kids were the best role model for her to mirror herself and feel confident that she also could do it. She'd follow and imitate them until she could do it on her own. It was such an amazing journey... we've worked so hard with her to help her little body to gain strength and teach her the little movements every child learns on their own. Watching her giving her first steps going from the stairs to the airlog was amazing but the most heart warming moment was when during our Gymboree Halloween party she, for the first time, crawled through the rainbow tunnel. The PT stressed so much how it was important for her to learn to crawl and use those muscles and we worked so hard on it but she just could not do it. On that day, during the party, as she watched all the other kids going through the tunnel she slowly went down on her knees ( I can almost see in in slow motion) put her hands down on the ground and little by little she figured how to put one hand in front of the other and coordinate her legs to make her move forward. As she entered the tunnel I ran the other way and snapped this picture. Thank you Gymboree for helping us help our little one. Thank you for giving us parents the opportunity to learn about our children's development and give them the best we have.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Oakbrook Terrace
State: Illinois


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