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Friends for Life

From the first class we absolutely adored Gymboree Play and Music. Heather's welcoming smile and beautiful voice made every class a special treat. My son Dylan immediately responded to the music, and I found myself singing Gymboree songs all the time. In fact, 2 and a half years later I cannot see a bubble without singing "Bubbles bubbles way up high, bubbles bubbles in the sky...." We made amazing friends and continue to see Haleigh, Justin, Hudson, Bryan, and Allison all the time! I was fortunate to meet an amazing group of mom's that became good friends. Many of us welcomed our babies first birthdays at Gymboree as well. We have so many happy memories from that magical first year. Our Gymbo puppet still makes an appearance especially when we are singing "Clean up time" with all of our toys!! Now Dylan is in Montessori full time, and the sharing and group play we learned at Gymboree is evident. I loved my Gymboree experience and highly recommend it to every new mom (and dad) I meet.
Thank you Heather and Gymboree!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Port Moody
State: Alabama

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