Gotta Get to Gymbo--Fast!

Monday, July 30, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

GymboreeAt 16 months, my daughter, Annabelle, still could not crawl on all fours or walk. My husband and I had her evaluated and she was diagnosed with hypotonia, low muscle tone of her back and legs. The evaluator recommended that we sign her up for Gymboree Play & Music. Due to her severe delay, we put her in the Play & Learn 2 (for 6-10 months babies). In the beginning, Annabelle was very resistant to do what the other babies were doing. She was completely uninterested and cried and whined every time I put her on an apparatus. However, one thing she enjoyed most was singing the Gymbo song. She would laugh with glee during the Gymbo dance and want to kiss Gymbo multiple of times. On one occasion, her wonderful teacher, Ms. Katelin, had the Gymbo puppet at the end of the bridge to lure the babies to crawl across. When Annabelle saw Gymbo, she commando crawled speeding across because she wanted to get to Gymbo and give him a kiss. I did not even know she was capable of moving THAT fast. Ms. Katelin was so impressed with her motivation and within a week, she recommended that Annabelle move up to Play and Learn 3 (10-16 months). Ever since, I realized that Gymbo is the key to get Annabelle to exercise. Whenever Annabelle gets lazy or unmotivated in the apparatus, I would take a ball or a sack with a picture of Gymbo on it, and she would immediately move at top speed to get to Gymbo. With Ms. Katelin’s encouragement, watching and interacting with other kids, and always wanting to see Gymbo the clown, Annabelle progressed tremendously within a month period at Gymboree. At 17 months, she now crawls on all fours, cruises EVERYWHERE, and just took a few steps on her own the other day. My husband and I are amazed at what Gymboree had done for our daughter. Thank you, Gymboree and THANK YOU, GYMBO!!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Bayside
State: New York


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