Gym time, Artwork and Music - oh my!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I enrolled Taylor in her first Gymboree Play & Music class (Play & Learn) just before her first birthday. Home with me full time, she hadn't had much contact with other babies. At first, she was overwhelmed by all of the sounds, action and colors. But the teachers were patient with us and let Taylor get acquainted at her own pace. Before long, my shy baby blossomed into a friendly and sociable girl!

Taylor eventually grew bored with P&L class, so we tried Art. She had as much fun painting herself as she did working on the class projects. She also loved helping the teachers clean up after class.

As Taylor's love of music grew, we decided to try music class. It's her first drop-off class, and she loves it! She has always been a Velcro-child. But she has so much fun in her music class that she doesn't even notice that I'm gone. She's eager to perform her favorite songs for friends and family.

Thank you to the staff at Gymboree for all of your patience and kindness. You have helped my shy little girl come out of her shell and develop confidence from her successes. Taylor has never been accused of coloring inside of the lines -- figuratively or literally!

Class Type: Art
City: Greenfield
State: Wisconsin

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