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Gymbo Fan

My daughter is always with myself or her dad, we never wanted to do daycare. Our baby girl Alliyah has had some social hardship because of this, so I thought. For her one year present I decided these classes might be good for her to learn to interact with people other than family. After a month, of her just holding on to mommy, running away from the kids, the teacher, unwilling to do anything but scream at the parachute, a break through happened. She started singing "side, to side" & "pop-pop" on our bed. I realized it was slowly sinking in. When we started level 4, I was relieved to see I was not alone with a child who was a mama's baby, scared to try new things, and who didn't want to be part of a group. This is normal! Shes been going for almost 5 months now, yesterday she and a boy traded toys while starring at each other suspiciously. She loved parachute time, popping the bubbles out, & getting her Gymbo stamps. This class has been great for her and I both. Thanks Gymboree Play & Music!

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Oklahoma City
State: Oklahoma

Gymboree Play & Music in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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