Gymboree and The Kass Household

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I can no longer remember a time when GymborGymboree Play  & Musicee songs have not flowed through my head and been sung in our home. My son, now 7, daughter, now 5, and last daughter, now 2, all know Gymboree as if going were a given.

It all began in 2006. My son Sammy began Gymboree when he was 2 weeks old. His first teacher Jeena was his first crush. In fact, I believe I had a small crush on her myself. She was sweet, soft spoken and wonderful with all the little babies. Sammy had the most wonderful time and it wasn't long before we followed Jeena over to another location just so we could see her more than once a week. My friend and I joined together as our sons were only 3 weeks apart. We loved watching them grow and learn, roll the balls, look in the mirror (drool over the mirror), hide under the scarves, grab our fingers when we sung "Twinkle Twinkle" and all the other fun things that we did. Sammy went on to through Play & Learn 6 and was devastated when he started school and had to leave all his friends that he had made. To this day we still are in contact with quite a few of those babies we met from the very beginning. My second child Rhianna was born in 2008, and began Gymboree when she was 1 month old. I now had two little people going at one time and that was quite interesting. Sammy kept trying to teach Rhianna all the things he was learning. I was going to Gymboree about 4 times per week and dreaming the songs at home. At certain points I sang to my husband "Clean up, Clean up, Ian put your toys away..." Not sure if he was amused, but the kids laughed. The lessons the kids were learning were so useful at home it really was making things easier to clean up and for Sammmy to learn to share. As with Sammy, Rhianna was crushed when it was her time to go. Over the years we have had some really excellent teachers that the kids have grown quite attached to, and my children have made life long friends. My last daughter Allie was born in 2011. She began Gymboree when she was 3 weeks old. She is now in Play & Learn 5 and I am going to keep her in Gymboree till she is ready for college. She is our last little person. I truly believe it is I who will not be ready to leave not her. As I sit here writing this piece I cannot believe how much time I have spent at Gymboree. How much time I have spent under the parachute. How many times I have called for Gymbo. How many bubbles I have popped and counted. How many times I have danced and froze, or all the other countless games and activities I have played with the kids. And, just as my children have made friends, so to have I. The bonding times I have shared with all the three of them at Gymboree Play & Music is priceless. I go into Allie's room at night now and look at the Gymbo doll she cuddles. Sammy was only 3 weeks old when one of the teachers gave him that doll because he was the only little guy that showed up for class. To me that Gymbo represents a huge part of my children's early childhood and the fun we had together. We may not always attend the classes, but we will always be a part of Gymboree.

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