He Danced!

Sunday, August 28, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I'm the nanny of 2 little ones,ages 19 mos. and 37 mos.We had enrolled the baby in the Level 4 Play and Learn group,where she happily and enthusiastically participated.   Then, I approached the group leaders with a request to add her older brother to the group. He has Down syndrome, and does not run or jump.  Stairs and climbing are difficult.  He does not pick up his feet. However, I thought the classes would be a good match for all of us. The Gymboree teachers were a little wary, but agreed to let him try a class. An absolute, unqualified success for all of us! Milo charmed the teachers, other parents,and kids in the group. He followed directions,climbed,clapped his hands,and popped bubbles. At the end of class he raised his face to be kissed by "Gymbo".
We had so much fun,we went to a music class - Music of the Northern Isles.There,he beat his hands on a drum,shook maracas up high and tapped them on the floor,and marched around the room.  And then...he picked up his feet,and he danced! Oh,how he danced!!  Thank you,Gymbooree!

Class Type: Music
City: Cambridge
State: Massachusetts

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Monday, August 29, 2011
Yay for the little guy who loves to sing and dance. Yay for Gymboree, too, where singing and dancing are a big part of the day!

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