I will sing myself to sleep the Gymbo Way!

Sunday, August 28, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Hello Everyone! My husband and I are very lucky to have our two little girls enrolled in both the gym and art classes near our home. Our oldest has learned that whatever she creates is a masterpiece! She has learned that art is about enjoying the process and not always focusing on the product. We frame and hang her artwork in our home and she is so proud when people are over and comment on her creations. Our youngest has become GYMBO's number one fan as she chants-- WE WANT, WE WANT, GYMBO almost every night in bed. She can sing the songs from class as if she was the teacher. After a few chuckles, my husband and I fall asleep not to Rock-A-Bye-Baby but to a little girl singing her heart out about a RED CLOWN, BLUE CLOWN, YELLOW CLOWN, etc. Moments like these are priceless and we are lucky that our girls are gaining the experiences they are from an amazing place. As I write this, I think of all the fun times my girls have had at Gymboree Play & Music and know that the friendships they have made and kept from the family classes are a prize in itself! Thanks for listening!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Edmonton
State: Canada

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