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I'm Ready for School Mommy

My son Chance age 3 started Gymboree Play & Music 6 months ago and he loves the class. Chance looks foward to Saturday morning sessions with his teacher and his friends. The weekly currculums are amazing and fun. My son has learned to play and share with others as well as identify letters, shapes, colors and animals. Chance loves story time at Gymboree so much when he comes home he ask me to read to him as his teacher does.

The funniest moment at Gymboree was when my son was playing with his friend Gabrielle and they were teaching each how to sound out letters. During Chance experience at Gymboree, I have learned to make learning fun and interesting. Chance loves arts and crafts and singing the ABC song at the end of the session. Gymboree has helped me and Chance prepare for school on 9/12, and I would recommend Gymboree to my family and friends for their children.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Brooklyn
State: New York

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