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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Gymboree playground plays an important role in both my son’s and my lives. We started our program not vary far ago, but improvements are already very noticeable. My son is a very shy and not very interactive kid. I am working only part-time, that’s why my son does not attend any day care program. I thought that it would be fabulous if I could spend as much as possible time with him at home. I believed that I could protect, develop, and educate my son better than anybody else. However, I did not realize what a mistake I made.

I did not pay attention to the fact that he is lacking the most important ability – social skills which will be carried forward into his adulthood. He can be very clever and well behavioral boy, but if he lacks social interaction, he will not know how to work together with other people and all his other fabulous skills will be just useless. When we came first time to the Gymboree Play & Music, I noticed how he was interested in what other kids were doing. He started to repeat other kids’ moves and even tried to teach somebody “the proper ways” to play. Currently he is not afraid making new friends, and meeting with new people. Now I start to be a little bit jealous the way how easy my son interacts with other kids. There is a lot that he can teach me now. He knows better than me how to relax, have fun, and communicate with thousands of people around us.

I believe that our problems can be viewed as less important and world can be more safe and better place to live in if we all remember and try to act as kids. Life is fun, enjoy it!

Thank you Gymboree Play & Music for reminding me about it!

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