Kyany's Experience

Sunday, August 28, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

We heard about Gymboree from our neighbor, but we never got to try until we moved from Southern California to Northern California. We are from Fairfield, CA and we go to Gymboree in Concord, CA. Kyany is a very smart baby so when we enrolled her at 14 months she was able to interact with the teachers and other babies. We enrolled for the music and play and learn class. Every time we went to her class my husband and I held our breaths when she is about to trip because we were not use to seeing her more adventurous than she already is. We didn't realize how much Gymboree got her to explore climbing the obstacles and sliding different slides. We were so proud that the obstacles were so safe that by the second session after we signed up we were able to trust her to run around the padded floors. The teachers are awesome, the songs are great, the music instruments are fun we learned the clean up song which helps at home as well.  By 17 months Counting 123 Gymboree is fun when we do it at home because Kyany will use that as a momentum to run so we can catch her. The only trouble she's having is the noise through the microphone, she's a little shy. She loves the bubbles she enjoys putting her hand against her lips while saying bubbles. The parachute she likes to hold rather than going under, but once in awhile she likes it underneath with the other babies. She loves to dance and pat the rolling pad. She likes to drum in music class when they do the introduction and saying goodbye with the other babies. We bought the bubbles the clappers and tambourine the peekaboo stick puppet, and Gymbo puppet because she loves GYMBO so much and to make music at home. Since we started the business we stopped her class for a month since the beginning of August. I know she misses the playing and learning but we hope she can come back to enroll for art and music and play as well. We really appreciate the GymBucks because as well as enjoying the class we get to enjoy shopping as well. We hope to purchase the parachute and the xylophone and more! Planning her 2nd birthday there would be fantastic.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Fairfield
State: California

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