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Learning how to share and take turns.

Megan is an only child. She isn't used to having to share or to take turns. ItGymboree Play & Music's always her turn and she is always first. That is why we started looking into place's for Megan to go. Well, my friends the Anderson's, Heather and Ken, Christine Accerio and more said to me, "You have to take her to Gymboree Play & Music in Tom's River!!" So I called, talked to Mr. Vinny, he was great, he answered all my questions and told me what class would be best for Megan at this point. So we go for a free lesson. Wow! Megan had alot to learn!! Screaming its my turn, its my turn. Than, she was cutting kids off to go on the slide. She didn't want to share the toys or the slide. I was mortified. But everyone was so kind and said, all the kids are like that in the beginning!! I had to literally hold her back to learn that she has to wait her turn!! Now we are had our 3rd class and a little girl cut her off, and Megan DIDN'T cry or scream its my turn, she let her go first. She is now getting much better when it comes to waiting on line. she now shares with the girls and boys without saying its hers. I am so happy we have signed her up. She is learning good lessons and I am even more proud of her than I was. She has a great time and looks forward to coming to gymboree. This picture is from her last class when she shared the paintbrushes and her spot on the house they were building!! This is a huge milestone that I was so nervous about and she is doing so well with it! THANK YOU GYMBOREE!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Tom's River
State: New Jersey


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