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Learning to share, the Gymboree way!

When I first started taking FZ to Gymboree she was 1Gymboree Play & Music8 months old and having trouble sharing. In fact, she was having trouble with basically ALL social skills because she was an only child. What a dilemma! At her first class, the teacher passed around maracas and then after the activity, she asked for them back. Big mistake. FZ wailed and wailed. This maraca was hers and she had no intention of giving it back. Her patient, and wonderfully calm teacher asked nicely and we proceeded to place it in the plastic bin. FZ still cried, but we moved on. In subsequent classes, FZ had to learn to wait her turn, change activities and follow teacher directions, etc. With each request was a stubborn "no." But after about 3 weeks of attending classes, I saw a new girl. FZ readily placed her items back in the bins after playing. Sometimes she would even help the teacher! It was a beautiful moment. I kept FZ in Gymboree until she started preschool and I never regretted that decision. Her Gymboree classes taught her life lessons that she still incorporates in her life today at 5 years old. Thank you Gymboree for having such adept and amazing teachers, who leave a lasting impression on not only the young students, but their parents as well :)

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Houston
State: Texas


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