Life Long Journey

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Our daughter is a great helper at home because she helps out with chores and loves to play with her 19 month old brother. However, seeing mom and dad go to school and learning about all new sorts of things has shifted her interests. She wanted to go to school and learn new things, as well. It has been difficult to sit with our daughter to teach her new things with such a busy schedule between doctor appointments, school, home, and a job. There is simply not enough time in the day to accommodate anythings else on our schedule. Still, we did not want to lose out on the opportunity to have our daughter give up on her passion. So, we researched on-line and visited several place to place our daughter in a school type environment that will enable her to expand her skills while learning how to share and communicate.

The School Skills session at Gymboree in South Tampa, Florida has provided everything that she needed to be successful in school and life. The staff at Gymboree Play & Music has taught our daughter lessons in music, math, reading, and science. They have also provided an environment where she can learn how to communicate with the mentor and other children in the class. Not to mention, that communication at home has improved tremendously between our daughter and us.

Our daughter is now in the Headstart program and she is doing wonderfully. She is communicating with the other children and her teachers through her words. She is also getting attention by raising her hand and not yelling. She listens to her teachers and has made life long friends. We thank Gymboree for providing the school skills sessions, and we are waiting to start the Learn & Play session with our son.

Class Type: School Skills
City: Tampa
State: Florida

Gymboree Play & Music in Tampa, Florida

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