Liv Loves Gymboree!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My daughter Olivia (Liv) absolutely loves Gymboree. We have venGymboree Play & Musicues for parent/child classes way closer to us but we drive 45 minutes twice a week for Gymboree instead. We originally were only going once a week but after seeing how fast it was speeding up her development, we immediately signed up for the second class. Without fail, the day after Gymboree class every week she meets another developmental milestone. She isn't quite four months old yet but from infant activities at Gymboree, she is propping herself up on her elbows for a very long tummy time, even starting to scoot a little! She rolls over and is talking up a storm. I am convinced that the stimulation at Gymboree gave her the extra push to do these things! Her favorite activities are tummy time, the parachute, but most of all, seeing Gymbo! It brings me so much joy to see her so happy. We are hooked and will always drive however far we need to keep her and all future children in the program birth through 5 years old!

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Mansfield
State: Texas


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