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Madison's growing up!!

My daughter has been attending Gymboree Play & Music since November 2011. Her first day was a bit terrifying for her. Being the only child she isn't used to being around other children. She was scared and started crying when she first entered the room. She was clinging onto me and wanted to leave. Her teacher Miss Alexis was very welcoming she comforted her and made her feel at ease. I enrolled her in Gymboree so she can get used to being around other children, gain confidence, better social skills, and motor skills. Miss Alexis has helped her achieve that tremendously. She has been a great mentor to my daughter Madison. I am very thankful to have her as her teacher. Thanks to Miss Alexis my daughter looks forward to her Music class. She sings the songs that she has learned in class. Before she used to be a shy and quiet child. Now She is more vocal and confident. She participates in class and has improved listening skills. I owe it all to Miss Alexis and Gymboree Play & Music. Thank you !!!!

Class Type: Music
City: La Habra
State: California

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