Mallory Joy and her BUBBLES!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Bubbles. I can sum up my daughter's favorite part of any GGymboreeymboree class with that one simple word. The shear thrill of all those teeny tiny bubbles blowing around the room during a music class or her shrill full delight as they fall around her makes me smile every time. She loves them. Sure, my daughter claps with the music, climbs the gym equipment, and interacts with the other kids in the classes and during free play. But time stops and she's in her own other world when those little bubbles are blown and start to fill the air. She bounces. She chases. She reaches out for them. She smiles. And she says, "BUBBLES!" It's such a good feeling to see her so happy and for such a simple thing. We now take bubbles to the park. We have a bubble wand that we use around the house. She tries, desperately, to blow bubbles with the little wand that comes with the package (and occasionally she is successful, too!). How such a basic thing as bubbles is part of the excitement she enjoys during Gymboree classes makes us so happy. As we left class a few weeks ago, having purchased the bubble kit before we left, we blew bubbles in the car towards the backseat on the way home. She loved it. We could hear her giggle. We saw in her seat mirror her hands go up and out to grab them. Bubbles.

Class Type: Music
City: Allen
State: Texas


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Jessica Winter
Friday, May 3, 2013
Love it!!!!!

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