Mighty Miracle Mia opens up at Gymboree!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Toddler Classes, Classes for toddlers, Family Classes, Family Play, Infant Development, Kids Development Center, Activities for Kids ChicagoMia was born September 15th, 2009. At my five month ultrasound I was called back in to talk with the doctor about something they had found. Our unborn baby girl had CDH. A Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This means that her diaphragm never closed and all of the things that are supposed to be under the diaphragm moved up into her chest cavity and prevented her lungs from growing as they were supposed to. Right then and there, we were given the grim words," 50% of CDH kids survive and 50% wont." Fast forward four months and we were in Chicago giving birth to our sweet girl who at the time, we didn't know if we would ever be able to bring her home. Mia entered the world quietly, no cry, no sounds and she was rushed away from me and instantly put onto a breathing machine. It was the scariest moment of our lives.

Mia fought hard. She had multiple blood transfusions, surgeries and was but on ECMO, a machine who basically did all the work her body could not handle. She laid in a hospital bed for one month before I was even allowed to hold her. Finally, after three long months in the hospital we got to bring our sweet girl home! Being she was in the hospital for so long, she was behind in many aspects physically. She rolled over late, sat late and walked late. She was fed by a feeding bag for the first three years of her life. Only in these last few months she has started to eat all of her calories! But being she was so fragile, we kept Mia away from her peers for many reasons. We didn't want her feeding tube pulled, we didn't want her to be pushed over and hurt and mainly, we didn't want to get her sick! A girl with half a set of lungs does not handle illness well. What we didn't think about, is how that would effect her socially.

That's where Gymboree comes in! I signed her up for a class a few months ago now that she is stronger and healthy. She started off very slow and concerned about her surroundings. But slowly and surly she got into a line to wait for her turn. She started to try new things after watching other kids try something. She is still cautious and still takes things slowly but she asks each and every day if we are going to Gymboree. Her face lights up each Wednesday morning when I tell her yes, today is Gymboree day! Gymboree Play & Music has provided a safe, clean and wonderful environment for my sweet girl. She may just seem like every other kid but what you don't see, is that she is a miracle who has opened up and learned that she is capable of much more then any of us could have ever imagined. Thank you Gymboree. The McCabe family loves you!

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