Military Momma Finds Her "Happy Place"

Friday, July 6, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Baby Classes, Child Development ClassesChild Develment Courses, Child Development Skills, Child Education Center, Early Learning, Gym for Kids, Gym For Toddlers, Fun Family PlaceWhen my daughter was born, she had numerous complications with her health. At one month old she was in ICU for two weeks, at two months she was undergoing stomach surgery. The day we were released from the hospital after the surgery, my husband, I and our daughter traveled to our first duty station for the Army. We now live in Texas, over 1,500 miles from where we lived our whole lives and where all our family and friends were. It was lonely for me staying at home everyday, only leaving the house take our daughter to doctors appointments. It was starting to feel like a sad life, then slowly the complications with my daughters health became more and more resolved. Even though she had spent a few months in a hospital bed she always hit her milestones and surprised me when started walking at ten months. I knew there had to be some way for her to channel all this energy she now had. I remembered my sister mentioning Gymboree classes so I looked them up online. She was eleven months when we went to the trial class. It was really exciting for her! She loved the songs, dancing and activities. When the teacher asked me if I'd like to sign up I hesitated. On low rank Army income, it didn't look like something we'd be able to fit into the budget. I thought about it for a few minutes and realized it would be more than worth it, heck it was the most fun I had in months too! So needless to say I signed us up and thankfully my husband was really happy we'd be giving this "gift" to our daughter (and me). It was a few months down the road and my daughters beloved teacher told me that one of the other mothers said my daughter was "a star". It made me so happy and proud, she did so well with all the activities, she loved to dance to the songs, she was a star! Now we've been attending Gymboree play classes for a year and a half, I can't believe the lessons my daughter has learned. From factual lessons to social lessons, I truly believe these classes have helped mold her into the smart, creative and sweet little girl she is. Not to mention, it has given me a place to play, have fun and bond with her. I am just so happy to be a part of Gymboree Play & Music.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: El Paso
State: Texas


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