Mr. Sociable

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Michael, at almost 9 months old, has turned into a little social butterfly! Because of the constant interaction and socializing at Gymboree, he has really developed into a true people person. When we go out he only wants to make eye contact and engage with anyone and everyone that he sees. He constantly smiles and laughs at complete strangers and I know it's because of the exposure he's received at Gymboree. Michael really loves Gymboree. In fact he is enamored with the two teachers. He adores baby soccer and loves to interact with the other children. The physical activities have also promoted crawling and just in the past few weeks Michael has really been getting around! We will continue to religiously attend class and look forward to graduating to the next level!

Class Type: Play & Learn 2 (6-10 months)
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania

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