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My Child Can Walk!

My daughter Sophie (now 3) was born with hip dysplasia. She couldn't roll over or walk. She went through physical therapy. The best therapy she got was through playing on the Gymboree Play and Music floor. The soft padded surfaces allowed her to climb and roll without the worry of being hurt. The teachers there worked with her and taught me different exercises I could do with her there and at home to strengthen her muscles. After a few months of going she took her first steps at Gymboree!! All the teachers and moms and dads who knew our story were there to witness this!! It was great to have big cheers and support when this happened! Sophie grinned so big that everyone was cheering her on! It was such a great moment for us and I could tell that the teachers were genuinely happy too!!! I will always have a special place in my heart for them!! We have since moved and are unable to go to that location anymore. She is an only child, so our next Gymboree moment is that we want to enroll her for the School Skills class to help her prepare for preschool. I hope to win so that we can afford for her to return to her favorite place to make new friends in our new town and learn the skills needed to succeed in school!!! I have many many more stories. But I think this has been the most life changing one for our little family!!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Lancaster
State: Pennsylvania

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