My Confident Butterfly

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Music Classes, Art Classes, Music Lessons, Art Lessons, Music Classes for Kids, Art Classes for KidsWhen we first joined Gymboree Play & Music, my baby girl Stella was very shy and clinged to me especially around other people. I wasn' t surprised when she reacted that way at our first and second class in Music and Play time. But as each class we attended I noticed she let go of me a little more, interacted with the teacher and played with the other kids. Now 6 months later she sings along to every song, gets up and dances in the middle of circle time and has become very helpful during clean up times. I watched her turn into a little confident and social butterfly because of our time at Gymboree. Her big sister Chloe also loves her Art class at Gymboree and always brings home amazing art. I now send all my new mom friends and family to Gymboree. We love you Gymboree! Stella, Chloe, and Mommy

Class Type: Music
City: Los Angeles
State: California


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