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My deaf baby boy had gymboree class @ his school for the Deaf

Our son was born deaf and attended a school for the deaf infant program. While he was in that school he had a class every week that entailed Gymboree Play & Music. Being deaf was a challenge for music, however it taught our deaf child the awareness of music for the soul. He in return learned to dance to music very well with many years of gymboree. To our surprise, he performed for a dance troup as a talented performer,actor & dancer, our son grew to be a great team member of this dance troup which consisted of deaf dancers which were absolutely amazing in our lives to watch & experience his growth & development skills with the enlightened beginnings he enhanced with Gymboree classes incorporated into his daily routine in his school for the deaf. We are all thankful to Gymboree early childhood education for this experience of a lifetime.

Class Type: Music
City: Orlando
State: Florida


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