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My First Clown Friend

My son, Caius, started attending Gymboree Play & Learn 2 and immedGymboreeiately LOVED Gymbo. Not only did he start doing the movements to the Gymbo Dance at this young age, but he has grown to want to share all of his class experiences with Gymbo. He runs into the gym looking for Gymbo so that he can give him a hug and kiss, says "hello" in a British accent (even though we are from NJ), and then attempts to drag his clown friend through each activity. All the while, he is talking with Gymbo--telling him instructions like his teacher, "turn around, feet first, Gymbo." The Gymboree mascot has helped Caius to pretend, learn about socialization, and has helped him to grow into a very caring little man--perfect for his baby sister who is due to arrive in September. Thank you, Gymbo!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Edgewater
State: New Jersey


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