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My Little Bear

My son, Teddy, goes to the Gymboree play classes with his babysitter andGymboree Play & Music her daughter, who is a few months older then him, 3 days a week. On Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, I finally get to go wtih him and see what he has learned through out the week. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, my son lets out a squeal of delight. By the time we're in the door it's all I can do to get his shoes off before he attacks the entry way to the play area. Then he is bounding around the room, showing me his favorite play things and knowing exactly how to work them! It is truly amazing to see how confident, friendly, independent, and athletic he is becoming. He loves the classes and the teachers and it shows. I am ever thankful for these play classes, as they allow him tons of interaction and some special one on one time with Mommy on Wednesdays and Saturdays :)

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio


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