Once upon a Jack at Gymboree

Sunday, August 28, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Shortly after my son, Jack, turned 1, my husband and I knew Jack was ready for Gymboree. He's been walking around the house getting into everything, paying close attention to the TV when children songs come on, and always want to be active around the house. Our house was completely childproof and we can see the boredom in his eyes. All he had was a playpen with LOTS of toys, but he wasn't into his toys at all. We know we have to do something and started looking into Gymboree.

We have heard good things about Gymboree but we were still skeptical about signing up for the class, because what could they possibly do for babies at such a young age? What will the class teach? What types of kids are going to be there, and are they going to be well behave? Instead of wondering, we have finally decided to make the best decision; looked up the class schedules and dropped in for the free 1 day trial.

I can still remember the very first day of class like it just happened yesterday. My son was mesmerized the moment we walked into the room. He did not blink once because he didn't want to miss a thing! I'm not sure if it was the colorful room, or the colorful gym and play mats that was going to be all for him to play on. Whatever it was, we were SOLD!! Then, to make things even more fascinating. Our instructor, Katy, was so playful, kind, and absolutely knows how to get the toddlers' attention. We can feel the passionate in her for her job as a Gymboree instructor.

What's also great about Gymboree Play & Music, was the toddlers that were there with Jack and the activities they do together. They are all around the same age group, they pretty much do the same thing - wobbling around - and I think they understand one another. They all play along together wonderfully and the giggles and chuckles just lighten my day. Jack is so cheesy every time he sees Gymbo and the kids at the beginning of the class when they do warm-ups with Gymbo. Then Katy would set up obstacles for the kids to attempt. Just about every 5 minutes or so, they would have different activities like: climbing onto the bridge to get to the slide, sliding down the slides, bouncing on air tubes, going through tunnels, and so much more. After the kids get their warm-ups and have good bonding time with kids while conquering their obstacles, they would join Gymbo and play and sing together. And oh my,  they have the cutest songs ever! Totally created by Gymboree and Jack just loves it. Then the parachute would comes out and that's when the bubbles are flying everywhere! I can't describe the bubbles but they are different than the bubbles you get at the stores. The bubbles seems to be more solidified, which would give Jack a chance to actually pop them.

Another thing I liked about the class is: not only the children get to have a great time, but the parents' also. My husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and I all had a great time. It was so good, that we completely forgot to capture any "Kodak moment" because we were ENJOYING the moment. Overall, we rate Gymboree with 2 thumbs up!

Now that we had signed up, we don't see ourselves quitting the enrollment EVER (unlike our gym membership). We can't wait for Jack to advance to the next level and learn to conquer more obstacles, to continue to meet new friends, and to continue to have a great time.

You can't put a price on a baby, class time at Gymboree, priceless.

Class Type: Play & Learn 3 (10-16 months)
City: Sacramento
State: California

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