One, Two, Three, Go!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

We want, we want, Gymbo! Dalton and I started Gymboree when he was 10 months old and in level 2. That first class he clung to me and cried, while I watched other children giggling and playing with balls and scarves and bells. Another mama, who I am still friends with today, told me her son did the same thing. "Don't worry", she said, "Next class he will love it". Well, she was right; and that was the beginning of the next two years of Gymboree filled days, songs, and friendships. Dalton took his first few steps at Gymboree with the applause of the other mamas, said some of his first words there, including "Gymbo", and first learned how to be a friend.

As Dalton grew older and became more rambunctious, Gymboree was a place of no "nos". He could play, sing, climb, and be silly to his hearts content without getting into trouble. It was a safe haven from timeouts, and a time out of our busy life for mama and baby to spend quality time together and create long lasting memories.

When Dalton was 2.5 years, and was in level 6, his baby sister came along. I knew I would need a break from Gymboree to find my new rhythm with two young kids at home. During our last few weeks at Gymboree, I was the one who cried. During the Gymbo dance, as Dalton was thrown in the air, swung from side to side, and hugged and kissed, I knew that the special memories that Gymboree had helped us create would last forever. Now, finally, two years later I am ready to start Gymboree again, this time with my daughter. And let me tell you, I am so excited!

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