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Opening Up

Before going to Gymboree Play & Music, my daughter was very shy in groups of children. At the playground, she'd hang back and suck her thumb. Gymboree has changed all of that. After the first few weeks at Gymboree, she just started opening up, allowing her wild and fun side to come out in public. My favorite moment was when she came up to one of her Gymboree classmates and hugged her and kissed her until they both fell over (neither of them seemed to mind). She LOVES her teachers, too, and likes to pretend she is one of them daily. And then there is Gymbo- she is a big fan. We've been going weekly for almost a year now, and it doesn't ever get old. Gymboree has helped her become socially and physically very confident, and I truly am grateful.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Boulder
State: Colorado

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