Our daughter, the monkey

Thursday, April 4, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Play Classes, Baby Workout, Child Care Learning Center, Toddler Play GroupTypically a child will walk before they learn to climb. Not our kid. Gymboree provided our daughter Amina the opportunity to realize she is part monkey. She was scooting up the slides, climbing up the ladders, and scrambling over everything in the room before she was taking her first step. I mean, really, she could climb up the ladders without any assistance from me. That's confidence for you. Gymboree gave her the environment to gain her balance, test her limits and have a lot of fun. As a parent, I appreciated the long naps and that since Gymboree already has all this great equipment, it meant that I didn't have to buy any of it.

Class Type: Play & Learn 4 (16-22 months)
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee


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