Our Little Music Man!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Music Classes, Classes for Kids, Music Lessons, Musical Learning, Music Lessons for Kids, Music Classes for Babies, Music ActivitiesMy 14 month old son Jude and I began taking the Gymboree Music Class 2 months ago...and since then music and instruments have become a huge part of our daily life. Jude's response and love for music was instantaneous. We play top 40 music from my iPod in the kitchen during breakfast, we play children folk songs in his playroom when we are doing puzzles or playing ball, and we sing along in the car to whatever happens to be on the radio. Jude has become accustomed to all music. He enjoys listening to all types - drums, guitar, violin, even maraca shakers. His grandfather (a wood carpenter) hand-made a beat drum and tambourine for him. If Jude has a choice of a play time toy, he goes directly to his instruments. This love of music has also lead to him dancing and shaking. He will bounce his head when Elmo sings. He will pump his upper body and wave his hands when mom says "pop it" and he will shake his bottom when mom says "shake it". Just this morning we were listening to Raffi and he was standing and started tapping his right foot to the beat. He has found his rhythm! We are so proud of the smile and joy that music brings to him. If not for Gymboree Music Classes we may never have found his love and excitement for music at such a young age. Thank you Gymboree!!!

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