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Out of his shell

My son's name is Joshua. He isn't a shy child he is just very introverted, at one time the doctors thought he was autistic because he wouldn't communicate with other children and other random traits that lead them to believe that. He has NEVER taken a class or done any outside activities other than an occasional zoo visit with myself and his little brother. I took him to a free music class a couple of weeks ago and I was very hesitant even as we sat to wait for class to begin. I took him inside and he was the comedian of the class. He interacted with the teacher, Ms. Shannon and the other students in his class. I was so overwhelmed that I couldnt wait to call his grandmother and tell her that we may have found something that will help him with his social skills and as of tomorrow he is be attending his 1st of 4 classes this summer. Thanks Gymboree Play & Music for giving me hope that kids can overcome things with just a little push.

Class Type: Music
City: Houston
State: Texas

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